Resources for Storytellers
by Sylvia Payne

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a new story to tell, especially one that truly speaks deep down inside you. It takes time and much searching to find the right story. Most likely your best stories will find you and tap you on the shoulder.

Here are a few storytelling resources that I have found to be very helpful.

Creative Storytelling: Choosing, Inventing, and Sharing Tales for Children by Jack Maguire

Joining In – An Anthology of Audience Participation Stories & How To Tell Them, compiled by Teresa Miller

Many Voices: True Tales from America’s Past by National Storytelling Association

More Ready to Tell Tales From Around the World by David Holt

North Carolina Legends by Richard Walser (Great resource for those of us living in NC)

Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About by Margaret Read MacDonald

Ready to Tell Tales (American Stories) by David Holt

The Storyteller’s Start-Up Book by Margaret Read MacDonald  (Excellent source for beginning storytellers; can also be helpful for advanced storytellers.)

A Treasury of North American Folktales, edited by Catherine E. Peck

Twenty Tellable Tales: Audience Participation Folktales for the Beginning Storyteller by Margaret Read MacDonald

Wonder Tales from Around the World by Heather Forest