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We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.   - Jimmy Neil Smith


  • 05/24/2024
  • 05/26/2024
  • Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC

SPRING RETREAT with MEGAN WELLS.                     May 24 - May 26, 2024,  Wildacres Retreat                    Little Switzerland, NC

Imagine have a story, yearning to come to life, grow, and bloom in the world. So you and your story escape from daily distractions to a quiet lodge on top of a beautiful NC mountain. Then, with care and humility, you tell your story to one of the most sought-after storytelling coaches in the country, surrounded by a circle of Delighted Listeners - your storyteller friends eager to learn with you - as your coach lovingly helps you polish your little gem. And in the process, we all learn together and enjoy the unique alchemy of storytelling. 

If this appeals to you, WATCH THIS SPOT...more details and registration coming soon!

REVIEWS from 2023 Spring Retreat with Megan Wells. 

Just got home from the NCSG Spring Retreat and WOW! What a great weekend! Wildacres is a special place- great staff, delicious meals and a breath-taking location. The workshop itself was a standout. The diversity of storytelling talent gathered under one roof was impressive, as was Megan’s coaching. The feedback she provided was as unique as the storytellers themselves, and it was easy to see the improvement in all of the stories when we shared our revised versions. Perhaps best of was the sense of community and trust that formed between the tellers. One of the best things I’ve done for my storytelling in a long while.   - Andy Russell

This is to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed Megan Wells's workshop.  She is a "sought-after coach" for good reason!  She is so gentle in the way she suggests ways to draw an audience more fully into one's story, without telling one WHAT to do.  I could not have found a better teacher for the story I presented. - Donna Catton-Johnson

I spent last weekend at the North Carolina Storytelling Guild Spring Retreat at the Wild Acres Retreat Center in the mountains east of Asheville. Our workshop leader Megan Wells did an amazing job of creating a safe and sacred space for everyone to create and craft their stories. Thanks to Dianne Hackworth for putting it all together and to the fabulous crew at Wild Acres for making us feel so welcome. Thanks to everyone who attended, both tellers and listeners, you made this time together Magick. (That's "magic" with a "k" for the Old Magick) And of course, thanks to Megan Wells for shining her heart light so that we could see previously undiscovered places in our stories.Janel Behm

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