Cora Newcomb lives in the old and charming seaside village of Beaufort, South Carolina. She first began to spun tales to her daughter and then to youngsters, oldsters, and those between, weaving magic with enchanting yarns. She tells stories to entertain, to educate, pass on cultural heritage, and teach a lesson but most of all because she loves the joy of telling tales. Cora’s life reads like a modern-day action novel – the kind where the feisty heroin encounters one adventure after another and emerges stronger than ever. It’s been the telling and retelling of these chapters of her life along with inspirational stories, historical tales, and ghost tales that bring laughter, fun and imagination to Cora’s performances. Cora performs with powerful vocal quality and stage presence, original material delivered in a highly polished and yet down home manner with engaging storytelling technique.

Beaufort, SC

Age Groups: Adults groups, Preschool, Primary, Families, High School / Young Adults, Middle School, Seniors, Upper Elementary

Story types: Bible / Spiritual / Sacred, Character Education, Family / Personal, Folk Tales / Fairy Tales / Fables / Tall Tales, Ghost / Scary, Healing / Therapy, History, Holidays, Literary, Myths, Original

Workshops: Business / Corporate, Educators, Librarians, Organizations, Storytellers, Students