Kim Ellis

Welcome to my new storytelling format! It is called The Women at the Well. It is narrated by Ruth (I’ve named her because i think without a name it doesn’t make her message personal) the woman at the well who had a moment with Jesus that changed her life forever. Depending on the stories you want to hear the characters come straight from the Bible, old and new testament, Fiona (a familiar Irish lass from my old storytelling days who has been revamped that tells tales of faith from her family and community or Chin Tang Tang (parables come alive in fortunes children pick from her Chinese grandmother’s bowl of beatitude statements, some women of faith from history, and some of my own stories of faith-culminating back to Ruth who finishes her story with a prayerful statement. Come to the well and meet Jesus who knew everything about me and wants to know YOU! (some of the stories I tell school children will be one character in particular like Chin Tang Tang that I use for Landsdowne in Charlotte and it can be that way for any group I tell for- whoever you want from the women of faith in the Bible, Fiona, Chin Tang Tang, women of faith in history, or my own stories of faith you have lots to choose from this well! Look forward to sharing with you.

Concord, NC
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Age Groups: Family Audiences, High School/Young Adult, Middle School, Primary, Upper Elementary

Story Types: Bible/Spiritual/Sacred, Family/Personal, History, Holidays, Original