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Name:Cunningham, Jane
Company Name:
Telephone:(706) 346-4091

Bio:Storyteller and Educator

Jane Owen Cunningham is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a memory to your heart! Her enduring sense of humor and irresistible Southern charm make her "Miss Jane Stories" an enchanting experience for all audiences.

"Miss Jane," born and raised in Mississippi, graduated cum laude from Mississippi University for Women and received her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Berry College in Georgia. She has experienced the world as a Delta Stewardess, a teacher, a H&R Block receptionist, a business owner, an actress, a wife, a mother, a co-creator of Children's Playhouse (story-art workshops for children), a Baptist and an Episcopalian.

A love of stories led Jane to her work as a storyteller, workshop leader, and media specialist at Berry College Elementary School. At Berry she works with kindergarten through eighth grade and college students in the school of education. "Miss Jane" has presented workshops and story programs throughout the southeast from Washington D.C. to Puerto Rico.

Jane Cunningham has delighted audiences in Jonesborough, TN at the National Storytelling Festival as an Exchange Place Teller and as the Storyteller in Residence for the International Storytelling Center "Northerners and Southerners" were captivated by her stories at the Washington Storyteller's Theatre in Washington, D.C. "Miss Jane" has performed at the Alliance Theatre, Winter Storytelling Festival, the Carter Center and the National Storytelling Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

When telling stories, Cunningham leads her listeners with fun, warmth, and awe into a magical world where the written word cannot go!
Age Groups:Adult Audiences
Family Audiences
Middle School
Senior Adults
Upper Elementary
Story Types:Bible/ Spiritual/ Sacred
Family / Personal
Folk Tales / Fairy Tales/ Fables / Tall Tales
Ghost/ Scary
Workshops for:Educators
Religious Groups