North Carolina Storyteller Profile


Name:Nelson, Sarah Beth
Company Name:
City:Chapel Hill
Telephone:(770) 871-8533

Bio:Sarah Beth once stood in the Roman Forum, surrounded by dusty ruins. Instead of a gaping hole, she saw a statue of Jupiter. Instead of the wind, she heard Nero’s fiddle. The ruins were alive with story.

As a Latin scholar and librarian, Sarah Beth draws much of her inspiration from classical history and mythology. But, Rome isn’t the only place with a few good tales, so Sarah Beth dips into other folk traditions as well.

The University of Georgia Classics Department has twice invited Sarah Beth to perform as part of their annual festival, Athenaze, and she has presented at the Annual Conference on Children’s Literature organized by the University of Georgia’s Department of Language and Literacy Education. Sarah Beth has also been a presenter at Georgia’s State Latin Convention.

During her first year of marriage, Sarah Beth accompanied her husband to Norwich, UK, which happens to be near the home of her favorite “barbarian,” Boudica. While abroad, Sarah Beth performed at Ancient House Museum, located in Thetford, and at schools and libraries in Norfolk County. She developed a collection of American picture books for the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich, where she also gave programs on American culture.

Sarah Beth has been both a featured teller and a workshop presenter in the Peach State Storytelling Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. She has portrayed Boudica during a performance of the Women’s Imaginative Guild of Storytellers. Sarah Beth has acted as mistress of ceremonies for Kim Weitkamp and she has performed at the National Storytelling Conference.

In Rome, in Norwich, in Atlanta and beyond, Sarah Beth unearths the hidden stories and brings them to life.
Age Groups:Adult Audiences
Family Audiences
High School/Young Adult
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Upper Elementary
Story Types:Family / Personal
Folk Tales / Fairy Tales/ Fables / Tall Tales
Ghost/ Scary
Workshops for:Educators