North Carolina Storyteller Profile


Name:Boggs, Pete
Company Name:

Bio:I am Pete Boggs, a retired contractor (home builder) who lives with my wife of 51 years. Beverly is still my best friend. We have two daughters, and three granddaughters. Two fine sons-in-law complete our family.
When I was in elementary school, I fell in love with tall tales, such as "The Jack Tales", and "Paul Bunyan". Whenever the chance came up, to recite in class, I was the first to volunteer.
At the age of nine or ten, I began to make up stories of my own.
I have performed for church and school groups, as well as for family and friends.
Because of working to try to help provide for my family, I have not pursued story telling as much as I would have liked. Since I am now retired, l have more time.
I tell popular tall tales as well as stories and poetry of my own. I also portray a very fine Santa Claus.
All of my work is good clean fun, and suitable for all age groups.
Age Groups:Adult Audiences
Family Audiences
High School/Young Adult
Middle School
Senior Adults
Upper Elementary
Story Types:Folk Tales / Fairy Tales/ Fables / Tall Tales