North Carolina Storyteller Profile


Name:Ellis, Kim
Company Name:
Address:719 Summerlake Dr. SW
Telephone:(704) 619-7455

Bio:I tell stories from at least four character's perspective. I have performed all of them for either improvisational theater, at schools where I have told stories or at local festivals and performed them at guild meetings in Charlotte. These four characters are: Chin Tang Tang who is much like Aesop telling stories which have a moral and are obtained through a listener drawing a fortune from the bowl of fortunes. Chin Tang Tang also uses the progressive story method to teach children how to recognize the elements of a good story (beginning, middle and end or conclusion). Fiona the Wise: who tells Irish myth, fairy tales, Irish legend and Aesop's fables. Some of these stories are perfect for Halloween festivals and they also teach children and adults alike about Irish culture. Beatrice the Unicorn shares stories with Fiona the Wise and also "Tales from the Unicorn Chronicles" which her own stories passing down for centuries f rom the land of "Fairie" and her own experiences as a princess Unicorn. The last is Kiliope Kilpatrick or now "Captain Kiliope" who tells her own girl pirate adventures of which are some historical stories or references to historical piratical figures that have meshed with her own experiences being raised by her father Captain "Hoarfrost Jack" Kilpatrick. More photos are coming besides these. This happens to be a perfomer's headshot. I have been a member of the Charlotte Storyteller's Guild for quite a few years now and also know Robin Berkman and Ramona Moore Big Eagle.
Age Groups:Family Audiences
High School/Young Adult
Middle School
Upper Elementary
Story Types:Bible/ Spiritual/ Sacred
Character Education
Family / Personal
Folk Tales / Fairy Tales/ Fables / Tall Tales
Ghost/ Scary
With Puppets / Props