Vision Statement

To communicate the power, joy, and impact of story to every community in North Carolina.

Mission Statement

To create and nurture a thriving community of storytellers through performance and education.


To affirm the value of storytelling by fostering an appreciation of oral traditions and the importance of story listening.

To educate people, both tellers and listeners, in North Carolina about storytelling.

To promote excellence in oral tradition by developing emerging and established artists.

To seek out the needs of North Carolina storytellers and respond by creating opportunities.



Thank you for your interest in serving on one of our Guild Committees. We have committees to suit just about everyone who wants to be involved in the 'inner life' of the Guild. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to membership within one of our outstanding committees!

NC Storytelling Festival Committee - coordinate tellers and logistics for festivals – prepare schedules.

Winter Workshop Committee - work with President to secure workshop presenters and formulate workshop schedule.

Winter Workshop Scholarship Committee - a sub-committee of the Winter Workshop Committee currently working on scholarship criteria and applications.

Retreat/Annual Meeting Committee - coordinate logistics of Retreats - secure presenters and prepare schedules – formulate annual meeting schedule.

Fund Raising Committee - coordinate fund raising events during the year in partnership with the Guild Board of Directors.

Membership Committee - devise new member recruiting strategies - continue outreach to existing members for membership retention - conduct membership drive.


July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018


Elena Miller - elenamiller@bellsouth.net

President Elect:
Charlie St. Clair - Charliestclair@charter.net

Catherine MacKenzie - cmmackenzie50@gmail.com

Paul Stutts - PStutts@spc-cpa.com

Ex Officio:
Terri Ingalls - potluck@surry.net

Finance Chair:
Jim Payne - bluskeye38@yahoo.com

Journal Editor/ Membership:
Sylvia Payne - sylpayne@bellsouth.net


Area Representatives:


Coastal Representative:
Marva Moss - owlcottage@atmc.net

Northern Mountains Representative:
Doyle Pace - bmonkus.pace@gmail.com

Piedmont Triad Representative:
LeeAnna Lawrence - Lawrela@earthlink.net
Piedmont Triangle Representative:
Robin Kitson - nanirobin@gmail.com
Southern Mountains Representative:  
Nancy Reeder - twhconnect@yahoo.com

Southern Piedmont Representative: 
Deborah Winkler - winklerdeborah@yahoo.com



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